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Class members with strict private visibility are accessible only within the class in which they are declared. They are not visible to procedures or functions declared within the same unit. Class members with strict protected visibility are visible within the class in which they are declared, and within any descendent class, regardless of where it is declared. Furthermore, when instance members (those declared without the class or class var keywords) are declared strict private or strict protected , they are inaccessible outside of the instance of a class in which they appear. An instance of a class cannot access strict private or strict protected instance members in other instances of the same class.

Published members have the same visibility as public members. The difference is that run-time type information (RTTI) is generated for published members. RTTI allows an application to query the fields and properties of an object dynamically and to locate its methods. RTTI is used to access the values of properties when saving and loading form files, to display properties in the Object Inspector , and to associate specific methods (called event handlers) with specific properties (called events).

Published properties are restricted to certain data types. Ordinal, string, class, interface, variant, and method-pointer types can be published. So can set types, provided the upper and lower bounds of the base type have ordinal values from 0 through 31. (In other words, the set must fit in a byte, word, or double word.) Any real type except Real48 can be published. Properties of an array type (as distinct from array properties, discussed below) cannot be published.

Some properties, although publishable, are not fully supported by the streaming system. These include properties of record types, array properties of all publishable types, and properties of enumerated types that include anonymous values. If you publish a property of this kind, the Object Inspector will not display it correctly, nor will the property's value be preserved when objects are streamed to disk.

All methods are publishable, but a class cannot publish two or more overloaded methods with the same name. Fields can be published only if they are of a class or interface type.

A class cannot have published members unless it is compiled in the {$M+} state or descends from a class compiled in the {$M+} state. Most classes with published members derive from Classes.TPersistent, which is compiled in the {$M+} state, so it is seldom necessary to use the $M directive.

Automated members have the same visibility as public members. The difference is that Automation type information (required for Automation servers) is generated for automated members. Automated members typically appear only in Win32 classes . The automated reserved word is maintained for backward compatibility. The TAutoObject class in the ComObj unit does not use automated .

Bennett, Lyria --- "Re Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs; ex parte Miah: A statute in the eye of its beholder" [2001] FedLawRw 22; (2001) 29(3) Federal Law Review 437

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is the operative provision in relation to the power of the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (Minister) to grant or refuse to grant visas (including protection visas). That section provides that, if satisfied that all relevant criteria have been satisfied, the Minister is to grant the visa and, if not so satisfied, is to refuse to grant the visa. White Lace Cup Detail Bandeau Bralet Pretty Little Thing Free Shipping Cost CbCsBEF
provides that the Minister's powers under can be exercised by an appointed delegate. For convenience, I have referred throughout this comment to the relevant decision-maker as 'the Minister', rather than referring to 'the Minister or his or her appointed delegate'.

The Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) has the power to affirm, set aside or vary the Minister's decision to refuse to grant a protection visa provided the applicant was in the migration zone when the decision was made and the Minister has not issued a conclusive certificate in relation to the decision. [5] The Minister's decision could not have been the subject of an application for review in the Federal Court. [6] The Act does not (nor could it) prevent an applicant applying to the High Court for constitutional writs (also known as prerogative writs) in relation to the Minister's decision.

Mr Miah was a citizen of Bangladesh who had entered Australia on 9 March 1996. With the assistance of a firm of solicitors, he applied for a protection visa on 1 April 1996. In that application, he claimed to fear persecution by certain fundamentalist Muslims, in particular those associated with the Jamat-i-Islam party. Mr Miah claimed that the government would not protect him because it supported the fundamentalists.

After Mr Miah's application was lodged, elections were held in Bangladesh and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party was replaced by the Awami League. Mr Miah's application had referred to the fact that the Awami League had once considered forming an alliance with Jamat-i-Islam and had dealt with the relationship between the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Jamat-i-Islam in more detail.

The application was refused by a delegate of the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs ('Delegate') on 13 May 1997. As required by the Act, the Delegate gave reasons for the decision. Although he was prepared to accept the applicant's account of what had happened, he stated:

On this basis, the Delegate refused to grant the prosecutor a protection visa.

Ten days later, Mr Miah instructed his solicitors to apply to the RRT for a review of the Delegate's decision. Due to a mistake at the solicitors' office, the application was not filed until after the time within which Mr Miah could apply to the RRT had expired. [8] He twice asked the Minister for permission (pursuant to s 48B of the Act) to make a fresh protection visa application and each time was refused. [9] In December 1999, Miah applied to the High Court seeking writs under s 75(v) of the Constitution . McHugh J granted an order nisi for prohibition, certiorari and mandamus on 17 January 2000, and the matter was referred to the Full Court for hearing. There were two grounds in the application, being that the Delegate had failed (constructively or otherwise) to exercise his jurisdiction and that the Delegate had failed to comply with natural justice.

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Shaurya Karanbir Gurung
Updated: Jul 27, 2018, 11.39 AM IST
LINE OF CONTROL (DRAS): From adequate road infrastructure for movement of troops and supplies to new types of tunnel defences and a high technology surveillance apparatus, India has moved on from the Kargil war 19 years ago, even though intelligence inputs suggest that not much has changed on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC). While basic facilities like regular water supply and electricity remain a problem, troops have access to more comfortable lodging and an adequate stocking of ration and medical equipment during winters so that even posts located at altitudes ranging from 12,000 feet to over 18,000 feet are not vacated in the winter season, which lasts for about six to seven months. On the Pakistani side, sources said the infrastructure is much inferior with vulnerable radio communication lines and accommodation that is still made of stones, unlike the Indian army which mainly uses Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) huts to ensure that its soldiers remain warm. Officers deployed in this region explain that such difficulties, and the fact that posts are not vacated for 10 months at a stretch indicate that the Pakistan forces face low morale on their side of the LoC in the region. Lt Gen Amarnath Aul (retd), the then local Brigade commander in Dras and who had overseen operations for capturing Tololing and Tiger Hill, told ET that during that time the biggest problem he had faced was that he didn’t have enough intelligence on the enemy’s location and strength. “This was the biggest information I lacked before I could launch any operations. When we have arrived in Dras, most of the villagers had run away due to the enemy shelling. We had asked them about the enemy’s strength, but the information they gave was very bleak.” Senior officers say that this has now been addressed with adequate usage of surveillance devices such as Hand Held Thermal Imagers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and even gets satellite imagery much more quickly than it did in the past. On Thursday, the Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Ranbir Singh explained a substantial improvement in infrastructure, including surveillance, night vision, fighting capabilities and modernisation since the Kargil war. On road infrastructure, there has been slow improvement since 1999, with the 430 km long Srinagar-Leh highway called NH1 – believed to be the primary target of the Pakistani attack that sought to cut off Leh and Siachen from the rest of India – being converted into a double lane road last year. The highway connects Srinagar to Sonamarg, Zojila pass, Drass, Kargil and Leh and features such as Tiger Hill and Tololing overlooking the highway were illegally occupied by the Pakistani armed forces personnel during the Kargil war, leading to constant surveillance of Indian troops movement and shelling of the road. Work is also on to construct two tunnels- a tunnel in Sonamarg and the Zojila tunnel. The tunnel at Zojila- a pass located at about 14,000 feet and where Indian Army had used tanks against Pakistani soldiers in 1947-48- is of strategic importance for all weather connectivity and is likely to be constructed in the next five years. In 1999, road infrastructure was bad, consisting of only rough tracks. Veterans who have served in the war also admitted that during the war sending supplies to troops were a major problem due to lack of good roads. These have now been replaced with paved roads for easy mobility. The military has also spearheaded plans to have other routes leading to Leh and Kargil, given that the NH1 is vulnerable to enemy fire. Work is on to create a Darcha-Padam-Nimu road, which will connect Manali to Leh, for which a tunnel at Shinkhunla pass is being created. Sources explain that the number of units and formations have increased as compared to the strength in 1999. They also said that in some sectors instructions have been passed to ensure that troops don’t vacate the posts during winters. “We are not taking any chances. Most of the strategic peaks and passes on our side of the Line of Control are constantly occupied by us,” explained an officer. In the past, several posts which would be cut off due to snow during winters were vacated as sustaining troops here became very difficult. Now, the army is attempting to regularly clear the snow from the logistical lines to the posts to ensure longer sustenance of troops. The Northern Army Commander also confirmed that routes to posts are being opened. “As far as infrastructure is concerned since the past couple of years a lot of work has been done. Today, we are trying to make roads till most of our forward posts. We are also trying to create a helipad on every post, so that in case of emergency we can bring down our troops by helicopters,” he said. But, this is an uphill task, explained sources. “Winters in this region witnesses about a couple of feet of snowfall everyday. Although machines to remove the snow are there, but it is not available everywhere, so jawans have to stomp on the snow regularly to create passages,” explained sources.
kargil war
Indian Army
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Pakistan Armed Forces

Three member Indian Army delegation to visit China

On average, a headline has less than a second of a sitevisitor’s attention. This means that the first couple of words of the headline need to be real attention-grabbers if you want to draw attention.

When viewing a website, it takes users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, according to an eye-tracking research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Researchers found that their subjects spent about 2.6 seconds scanning a website before focusing on a particular section. They spent an average of 180 milliseconds focusing, or “fixating,” on one particular section before moving on.

The website sections that drew the most interest from viewers were as follows:

Do you know of any other useful findings? Post them in the comments!

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Personal development advice for people with kids

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Hey Peep,

Nice blog! Here is a visualization of the Missouri research http://thecreativefinder.com/portfolio-3pe4p63mih5a64g?username=columnfivemediaid=13547filename=Webs-First-Impressions-where-people-look.png



Awesome mate… just wondering what think about those users who use their left hands for controlling the mouse .. do these tricks also prove correct for them .. or a little changes is needed??

Bravo . . . good piece. I was presenting most of these concepts in my national seminars for graphic design and web design from 1988 through 1995 for Dynamic Graphics . . . the reader eye-flow is the most important, and I’ve since performed design critiques to hundreds of web owners sites that violate the concepts, but don’t understand they did it, and don’t understand why they should have done it. Web designers aren’t necessarily designers. It’s just a name that’s been tagged onto the term.

But this is a good piece. We’ll pass it along in our site.


Thanks. I’m explaining to my client why his logo should be at the upper left corner of his website.


Thank you Peep. Found lots to study in this post.

Could you clarify #10: “They spent an average of 180 milliseconds focusing, or ‘fixating,’ on one particular section before moving on”, but then states that about 6 seconds is spent on the logo (that seems very long) and in that neighborhood for many of the other bullet points.

Very good, thank you so much

its so usefull to me , thanks alot

so nice and amazing article !

It’s very good :-)

Now provide that wasn’t so hard in a specific Twitter account. Because your home because you are paying attention to what to look for can do the work and supervising.

Website design matters. People are somehow attracted to websites that have beautiful design, simple functionality, and loads fast.

Sir Laja, thank you for a very informative post. I realize my question does not pertain to viewing websites. How do you suggest writing detailed instructions for students for an online assignment requiring six to ten steps? I have tried: #1-four-page detailed instructions including screen captures for each step, #2-page-and-a-half summary without illustrations and #3-video screen capture of me working a similar assignment. My international grad-students don’t like any of them. What should I do? (Maybe they just don’t like earning credits by experiential learning!) Thanks for the feedback, Jim

Hey Jim Without knowing more (what exactly they dont like) it’s impossible to say. First figure out what the exact problem is and how they would like to consume the content, then go about figuring out a solution.

just wondering what think about those users who use their left hands for controlling the mouse

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